1st Stage of Growth -- 0 - 6 years

          Deciduous (Baby) Teeth

Education / Prevention / Habit Correction / Interception

In this critical stage, we are concerned with much more than just teeth. The position, size and symmetry of the jaws; future growth; spacing of the teeth; correct breathing, chewing and swallowing;  and any oral habits which may eventually lead to abnormal facial development.

  • For example, if a child is unable to breathe through his or her nose – the tongue will not rest on the roof of the mouth, leading to a narrow upper jaw and nose and probably crowded and crooked teeth.
  • If a child has repeated middle ear infections and tonsillitis we may be able to correct it by enlarging the jaws, opening the bite or referring to an allergy or an ENT specialist.
  • If a child (or an adult) is tongue-tied it will not only affect speech, but their dental and facial development as well.
  • If a child has poor habits, such as thumb or other sucking habits, tongue-thrusting or lip-licking, problems will develop and we can help. 

We can give advice on the benefits of breast-feeding (developing the mouth and face, and correct swallowing etc.), chewing solid foods, diet, cleaning, pitfalls to look out for, as well as learning to feel comfortable at the dentist.

Treatment in this stage of development is often very successful and can reduce or eliminate the need for future treatment. Enlarging narrow or retrusive jaws, and correcting oral posture at this age can get positive results quite quickly.