The Benefits of Breast-feeding

The Nursing benefits for healthy facial growth and oral development.        Today’s new mothers may already know how important breast-feeding is to their newborn child’s immune system.  What they may not know is how important breast-feeding is to the overal ... read more

Braces - The Official Don't Eat List

THE DON’T EAT LIST A list of foods to be avoided during your Orthodontic Treatment Gum – Bubble gum,  Sugarless gum*  Lollies -  Redskins, Minties, Gummybears, Jelly beans, Snakes, Licorice Caramels- Mars Bars, Snickers, gooey chocolates Hard Things – Ice Cubes, ... read more

NTI Tension Information Sheet

NTI Tension Suppression System --- Owner’s Manual   -Wear the appliance(s) continuously (except when eating) for the first four weeks (if you have one for sleeping and one for waking). Sleeping use may continue indefinitely, while daytime use will eventually be tapered off to, at most ... read more

Clear Retainers Information Sheet

           1.       The purpose of the retainers is to hold the teeth in the improved corrected position whilst the bone hardens around the tooth roots in their new position.            2.&nb ... read more