Myofunctional Orthodontics

Buteyko Breathing

The Buteyko breathing technique is a proven system for better breathing, many aspects of which we employ for better health and orthodontic stability. We have trained under both the world renowned Irishman Patrick McKeown and Australian Roger Price. For more information see or brea ... read more


A Tongue-tie is a tongue whose movement is restricted by a shortened lingual frenum. Other frenums can also cause problems such as the labial frenum (between the teeth and the lips) and all can be improved with a simple treatment. A U.S. study showed that every single child in their study with a to ... read more

Why Mouth-breathing is bad

Breathing through your mouth, rather than through your nose, causes many health problems Slides courtesy of  Dr German Ramirez-Yanez (DDS, MDSc, PhD) Your body is designed for air to enter and exit via your nose. The air coming through your nose is filtered, warmed and moistened making it sui ... read more

Why are Tonsils (and Adenoids) often enlarged

Chronically swollen tonsils (and adenoids - which are a similar lymph tissue), block off the airway from nasal breathing. This means you, or your child, may have to breathe through the mouth - leading to many problems including a small upper jaw and crowded teeth Swelling of the tonsils, accordin ... read more


Lip Licking Dermatitis is a result of people, especially children, chronically poking their tongue out and moistening their dry lips. It can be mainly on one lip or on both the upper and lower lips, and is more common in cold and dry weather. It is a rather obvious symptom of mouth rather than nose ... read more

The "Tropic" Premise

“The ideal development of the jaws and teeth is dependent on correct oral posture with the tongue resting on the palate, the lips sealed and the teeth in light contact for between four and eight hours a day.” John Mew Advice for Parents Be aware that in industrialised countries many i ... read more

Tongue Thrusting

 A Tongue Thrust is an abnormal movement of the tongue - usually when swallowing or speaking - which leads to an incorrect bite. It will happen hundreds or even thousands of times every day.  The 'Thrust'  can be at the front, or on either or both sides.  A Tongue Thrust occu ... read more

Why Nose-Breathing is really important

A general summary of why you should always breathe through your nose  Most people’s faces these days are not fully developed. They tend to be too flat and too long. The chin then tends to be too far down and in –> This then restricts (and can block off!) the airway.  T ... read more

Airway and TMJ