Stages of Growth

1st Stage of Growth -- 0 - 6 years

          Deciduous (Baby) Teeth Education / Prevention / Habit Correction / Interception In this critical stage, we are concerned with much more than just teeth. The position, size and symmetry of the jaws; future growth; spacing of the teeth; correct breathing, chewing a ... read more

2nd Stage of Growth -- 7 - 12 years

 Mixed Dentition (Baby and Adult) Teeth   Interception / Orthopaedic and Dental Correction In this second stage of development we can assess if dento-facial (bony) and orthodontic problems are likely to occur. X-rays can show if teeth are missing, if any extra or abnormal teeth are deve ... read more

3rd Stage of Growth -- 10 - 18 years

                            Permanent and sometimes Baby Teeth   Correction / Rehabilitation / Retention In the third stage, we look at how your child’s teeth and jaws fit together.  The jaw joint (TMJ ... read more

Final Stage of Growth -- Adults

                                                      Permanent teeth   Correction / Rehabilitation / Retention As an adult you may not b ... read more