3rd Stage of Growth -- 10 - 18 years

                            Permanent and sometimes Baby Teeth


Correction / Rehabilitation / Retention

In the third stage, we look at how your child’s teeth and jaws fit together.  The jaw joint (TMJ), airway, facial profile and posture are all examined.

In this stage fixed braces are often used, although various types of removable appliances can be used in conjunction with and sometimes instead of braces.

Children at this stage are often self-conscious about their appearance.  Many of the appliances used are very small and some are invisible or alternately can be brightly coloured.  All however require good co-operation from patient and parent. 

To keep the teeth in their newly corrected positions retainers must be worn.  These are removable but can be replaced by permanent retainers.   Correct oral posture is essential for ideal life-long retention.