Final Stage of Growth -- Adults

                                                      Permanent teeth


Correction / Rehabilitation / Retention

As an adult you may not be growing any taller but the cells in your body continue to turn over throughout life. The cells that take away bone, for example, need to be in balance with the cells that create new bone. For this reason orthodontic movement of teeth is possible at any age. We have treated patients in their 50's and there is no reason why a 90 year old could not be successfully orthodntically treated.

A full course of treatment is a similar length of time for adults as it is for children - on average about 15 -16 months.  However now we can also offer a rapid alignment of the front teeth in about 6 months and sometimes less ! (See the section on Rapid Smiles and Six Month Braces). Often straightening the teeth and heving a "nice" smile is something you may have always wanted, but not had the finance or the time to get done. Various types of "invisble braces" and other appliances are now available that can minimise any embarassment.

Combined treatments may be able to not only straighten teeth, but also replace missing teeth or enlarge small or worn teeth and we often finish adults with tooth whitening for a brighter smile.


Other major benefits of Adult treatment may include :--

* a reduction or elimination of headaches of dental or TMJ origin

* it is much easier to clean straight teeth than crooked ones, and therefore your gums may be healthier. This not only looks better, it smells better and you may live longer as there is now research linking Perodontal (Gum) Disease to both Heart Disease and possibly Alzheimer's Disease

* a reduction and possible elimination of snoring and the potentially life-threatening Obstructive Sleep Apnoea .  (See the section on Snoring and OSA)

* correcting a tongue-tie can improve speech, help to stabilise tooth positions and can also help reduce hedaches