Sonya Woodward

Role:Practice Manager & Oral Myology Trainer

My name is Sonya, and I am the Practice Manger here at Watkins Dental. I have worked at Watkins for 15 years and I first joined in 2009. I have recently completed my studies to become an Oral Myologist.

Because our practice puts a lot of emphasis on the whole approach to a person’s wellbeing, I use my training in Myofunctional Therapy to help people breathe and swallow correctly, thus improving their overall health. My goals for the future are continuing my role as Practice manager and further helping the business grow.

I continue with my lab roles which include repairing dentures and making orthodontic appliances. These roles ‘keep my hand in’ and allow my creative passions an outlet.

I love working and being a part of the team at Watkins, firstly because we get to help many children and adults in need, but secondly because the Watkins team are all enthusiastic, creative, sympathetic, and kind people who are all passionate about the work they do. We are all friends inside and outside of the workplace.